Rewind Time.

Reveal Younger Skin.

Named “one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin care”, DefenAge’s exclusive ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins, work via a natural mechanism of action with your body’s stem cells to create beautiful skin. The initial results may become visible within one week of use. The technology is patent-pending, exclusively available in DefenAge and can be combined with almost any skin care regiment.

Inspired by the recent discovery of the skin’s regeneration process, the scientists at DefenAge have identified how to unlock the key to youth with powerful peptides called Age-Repair Defensins. Paradigm-shifting DefenAge is the FIRST and ONLY 4th generation skin care featuring this stand-alone breakthrough NATURAL mechanism of action.

DefenAge is pioneering the future of skin care!


DefenAge Frequently Asked Questions

Defensins are powerful regenerative peptides whose benefits were first linked to the immune system. They are also known for their antimicrobial effects. Recently, the age-repairing nature of these natural peptides was discovered by scientists at Progenitor Biologics, the parent company of DefenAge Cosmeceuticals, while researching stem cell therapies for wound healing and Type I Diabetes. During the course of their research, our scientists made an extraordinary discovery: two members of the defensin family have surprising benefits for aging skin in cosmeceutical skincare. Alpha-defensin 5 communicates specifically with skin’s Master Stem Cells to unlock the skin’s age-corrective potential. Beta-defensin 3 significantly improves skin’s barrier functions. This discovery was so novel and unexpected we are patenting the use of these peptides for anti-aging purposes.
Age-Repair Defensins is our proprietary blend of these powerful regenerative peptides combined with unique supporting molecules in a protective nanocapsule delivery system. The result is age-correcting activity that produces up to 18 years visible reduction in skin aging over 6 weeks of regular use*. DefenAge Cosmeceuticals is the first and only skincare to utilize these revolutionary peptides for their effects in visible age-correction.
* Based on results obtained from a six-week clinical study of participants aged 48-68 using 2-Minute Reveal Masque one-to-two times a week and 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum twice daily. Results were measured using QuantifiCare Clinical Imaging System. Individual results may vary.
When we say our products are ‘Free from animal- and human-derived ingredients’, we mean none of the ingredients in DefenAge Cosmeceuticals are sourced from vertebrate animals, including humans. This is important because certain types of disease and infections can be transferred from animals to humans and from humans to humans. Our refusal to use such sources eliminates these risks. Instead, we use the same alternative biosources used in the manufacture of drugs.
We do use one ingredient derived from an invertebrate. Sea whip is a Caribbean coral believed to be the strongest anti-inflammatory to come from the sea. Only the ‘skeletal’ portion of the sea whip is collected by harvesters, who leave the live animal unharmed and available to multiply. No known disease or infection source is transferrable from the coral to humans.

Since the 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream contains a small amount of fragrance we do not recommend you apply it around your eyes. However, you can apply 8-in-1 BioSerum above and below your eyes.

It is under development in our laboratory. In the meantime, please be sure to apply the 8-in-1 BioSerum above and below your eyes as directed.

While many cosmetic companies might describe DefenAge Cosmeceuticals as natural due to the large number of ingredients derived directly from nature, as scientists we do not. We define natural ingredients as having the same molecular structure as they had in nature, which many of our ingredients do. However, since we have reorganized some natural molecules to suit our formulation needs or created new molecules from natural sources we do not like to call our products ‘natural’.
Yes, our studies show a definite, noticeable brightening effect on the skin, including age spots, within the first week of use. Because skin brightening is the most sought-after skincare benefit, many companies offer skin lightening and brightening products. Most feature hydroquinone, a highly controversial ingredient banned in Europe and Japan due to questions about its safety1. In addition to hydroquinone it is not unusual to see kojic acid, a skin sensitizer2,3; bearberry (aka: uva ursi), which contains a natural form of hydroquinone; licorice PTH, an unstable natural skin brightener; or Vitamin C esters or salts, such as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate or sodium ascorbyl phosphate. These ingredients can also be seen in combination without hydroquinone but do not offer the same degree of lightening within the same period as with hydroquinone, which is usually 2-3 months.
To our knowledge, none of these ingredients, either alone or in combination, totally relieves the appearance of age spots.
The DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum incorporate a revolutionary skin brightening technology, led by our patent-pending Age Repair Defensins to target skin discolorations at the source. When used in conjunction with the 2-Minute Reveal Masque twice weekly, residual unevenness and dead surface cells are lifted away. Within a week, the skin looks visibly brighter and skin discoloration is less apparent.

  1. Hydroquinone [CAS 123-31-9] Supporting Information for Toxicological Evaluation by the National Toxicology Program, 21 May 2009
  2. SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), Opinion on kojic acid, 26-27 June 2012
  3. International Agency for Research on Cancer, Monographs Volume 79, 2001

All products made by DefenAge Cosmeceuticals are tested on humans, not other animals. We do not believe animal studies are accurate enough to determine human safety. Nor are they ethical.
To prove safety we put our products through a rigorous series of tests. Among these are:

  • 30-Day HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) to determine irritancy and allergy potential of a leave-on product. Results are reviewed and signed by a board certified dermatologist.
  • 14-Day Clinical Evaluation of Ophthalmologic Safety for all products used around the eye. Products are tested for safe use around the eye and for safe use by contact lens wearers. Results are reviewed and signed by a board certified ophthalmologist.

Everything you need for dramatic age correction is included in 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum, both applied twice a day; and 2-Minute Reveal Masque, applied 1-2 times a week. When used together as directed, within 6 weeks our clinical studies show significant improvement in up to 16 signs of aging:

  1. Revives Youthful Firmness
  2. Brightens Age Spots
  3. Defines Contours
  4. Smoothes Lines
  5. Diminishes Wrinkles
  6. Unclogs & Minimizes Pores
  7. Comforts Sensitivity
  8. Evens Skin Tone
  9. Corrects Surface Imperfections
  10. Revives Clarity
  11. Replenishes Moisture
  12. Repairs Dryness
  13. Refines Texture
  14. Renews Softness
  15. Revitalizes Dullness
  16. Calms Redness

Aging skin is a global condition that occurs in any skin type (dry, oily, normal, combination). Since all aging skin has the same basic needs, we’ve formulated each product for use by all skin types, thereby eliminating the need to analyze your skin. If your skin is aging, you can use our products.

DefenAge Cosmeceuticals is the only skincare with Age-Repair Defensins, a novel, non-prescription, patent-pending peptide complex known to communicate directly with skin’s Master Stem Cells. Clinical studies show visible age correction of up to 18 years in just 6 weeks*. To our knowledge, DefenAge Cosmeceuticals is the only skincare clinically-proven to deliver these results. * Based on results obtained from a six-week clinical study of participants aged 48-68 using 2-Minute Reveal Masque one-to-two times a week and 24/7 Barrier Repair Cream and 8-in-1 BioSerum twice daily. Results were measured using QuantifiCare Clinical Imaging System. Individual results may vary.